About the journey

Ochsie has finaly decided that Instagram photos might just not be enough to truly capture my journey, so here is the beginning of yet another person writing a blog 🙂

I hope this makes a few of you smile and I promise to keep it short and sweet.

Apologies in advance for my grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, I suggest you make yourself a cup of tea/coffee and try not to laugh too much at this Afrikaanse meisie’s attempt at blogging.

As many of you know I have been working in the Transkei for the past 3 years, at Madwaleni Hospital, and it has been a wonderful journey that God has taken me on. It was a time where a lot of healing and self discovery needed to happen. I was exposed to a different culture, a differnt way of living and removed from friends and family [in the beginnning]. I needed to put my big girl shoes[or gumboots] on and step it up, but boy oh boy did God bless me with so much once I stepped into that vulnerabile space.


Sunset over OPD on our (5 minute) walk home after work.

It was there, amongst the rolling hills, sandy beaches and the isiXhosa people that my curiosity for the big, unfamiliar and unknown world was ignited. For me, it was clear that there were so many things I have not yet seen, not yet tasted, not yet tried and so many faces I have not yet met.


The sunset that convinced me to stay for 2 more years in the Transkei after my comserve year. This is on my way back from Nkanya beach.

I have had a desire to embark on an extended period of traveling but it always seemed to big a task for me, the time was never quite right and the peace I needed to feel was absent.

Why my curiosity for faces, flavors and beautiful places?

Perhaps a combination of my love for people, my Occupational Therapist brain always analysing how the simple task of making a cup of tea can vary in each household and my heart that is constantly seeking after Gods heart. To experience Him in every little and giant thing He has created.


Magwa Falls, Lusikisiki

I am constantly reminded of how God listens and knows our hearts desires, but He gently and graciously keeps adding to our desires and before you know it, your desires become more in line with His. God has heard my desires but He had the perfect time for it, and I needed to wait.

He had called me to a time of rest at the end of last year and so my time at Madwaleni ended in December 2018 and that peace that I was waiting for was finaly there. Peace to go and experience the multitude of colors and converstations in foreign and unfamiliar places.

Traveling alone was not quite what I had in mind at first, but I knew that if I truly wanted to trust God and allow Him to lead me in this time of discovery, going alone would be the best way.


If I could conquer my fear of jumping out of an aeroplane, then I guess I can get myself from one destination to the next 🙂

Being able to embark on this journey would not be possible if it was not for Gods blessing and favor. Although hard for Pappa Ochse, he and my mom have also been so encouraging and supportive with regards to this trip, constantly speaking wisdom into my thoughts and fears. And then finally my special friends who have been so enthusiastic and have showered me with gifts, motivational words and prayers of blessings and safety. Thank you all for your positivity and endless support.


The famous five

I will be doing a combination of traveling and volunteering along the way, because what better way to experience a culture and all that it entails than from the locals that I will stay and work with. I will try my best to take you along on my journey and give you some insight into each destination, culture and cuisines as well as some of my discoveries, God moments and overall experience.

“Love, Light and Letters” – my aim for the next four months is to spread love, search for the light in people and places. To find new inspiration to create letters[calligraphy] and to write letters that will bring love and light, to you and to those that I will meet along the way.

Please continue praying for me, for the road ahead and for the souls that God wants to show His love to. My prayer is that I would be bold and that God will do magical and beautiful things through me, no matter how big or small it may seem.

First stop, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

Liefde Ronetjie xx

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